Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS)

The official documentation of the Graves Massacre, in Deir Al-Zor province.

Date of the massacre: 19-10-2012

The following massacre has been documented by: The Syrian Network of Human Right.

*The incident, according to the accounts of a large number of witnesses:

Following the continuous bombardment by Syrian Army warplanes on Al-Mowathafen neighbourhood in Deir Al-Zor, many civilians were left displaced; civilians in the neighbourhood migrated in the direction of the existing cemetery, which leads to the road to Damascus, on 16.10.2012. On their journey, they were arrested by military and security forces of the Syrian regime. Since then, no-one knew anything about them or their whereabouts. 

A video documenting civilians’ arrests near the graves’ area, by Assad forces, was then released. This video was aired by activists 3 days before the bodies were discovered, showing the arrests of civilians who were forced to have their clothes removed:





Three days later, as a group of civilians were passing through the area at night, they discovered dozens of bodies; they were their neighbours – residents who used to live in the neighbourhood. Civilians were executed and their bodies were thrown among the graves in the cemetery of Deir Al-Zor, releasing unpleasant odours. Signs of torture on the bodies were very clear and apparent. 


Through communication with civilians and a number of activists in the neighbourhood, the Syrian Network of Human Rights managed to fully identify and authenticate 13 victims by name, which include two young children.  They have all been identified; their personal photo and full name have been included. However, this massacre has resulted to at least 84 victims; their bodies, fully mutilated, were dumped by Assad Forces, in an attempt to fulfil the regime’s systematic policy of covering the Syrian government’s crimes. 



*Out of at least 84 victims of the massacre, only 13 were fully identified: 


1-Abdulrahman Hantoush/Child/3 years old

2-Shama Hantoush/Child

3-Talal Hantoush

4-Jehan Al Ali Al-Mubarak

5-Mohsena Jom’a Alhamlo Al-Mubarak/60 years old

6-Omran Reyad Theyab Alshantori

7-Muhammad Samir Ibrahim

8-Adnan Jarjasi

9-Ali Jarjasi

10-E’tedal Jarjasi

11-Jasim Al-Bad’i

12-Samer Bareje’

13-Muhamad Samer Al-Ibrahem




Videos documenting the victims:











Images documenting the massacre:













Article 7 of the Rome Statute is applied to this massacre, as a crime against humanity. Article 8 also applies, as this massacre is a war crime; the deliberate killing of innocents has taken place, without any justifiable reason. 


The Syrian government and parliament have refrained from opening any investigation relating to this case to hold those responsible accountable.


We, The Syrian Network of Human rights, seek to protect and defend human rights. We explicitly condemn this horrific massacre which is openly classified as a crime against Human Rights, along with the remaining massacres against the Syrian people – all of which have been committed by Assad Forces. We hold the Syrian regime, the Commander in Chief of the Armed forces full and direct responsibility of the massacre. In addition to this, we also hold Russia, Iran and Hizbullah direct responsibility of the killing as they continue to provide the Syrian regime with financial and military aid. We, therefore, call for the United Nations and Security Council to take immediate action and speed to protect the Syrian people and to live up to their responsibilities. We urge them to accelerate their steps in referring all those involved in this massacre to the International Criminal Court. 

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