Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS)

SNHR | Syria | Violations Report| November 25, 2012

A documentation of the most prominent violations committed by the Syrian regime on 25/11/2012.


*Deaths and Injuries*


Dier Alasafir, Rural Damascus: 

Civilians were massacred in Dier Alasafir due to the random shelling carried out by Assad forces. Children were among the dead. 



Aln’ima, Deraa: 

Field hospitals were flooded with wounded individuals due to the random shelling. 



*Suffering and Violations* 

Hammouriyah, Rural Damascus: 

Many are wounded due to the random shelling in Rural Damascus on a daily basis. The wounded are taken to field hospitals because the ambulances cannot reach them due to the presence of army forces. Also, the residents fear for their wounded from the brutality of the army personnel. The field hospitals lack essential equipment, which in some cases lead to the death of wounded individuals. 



Alrastan, Homs: 

Daily, residents leave their homes in Alrastan due to unbearable living conditions. In addition to the heavy shelling, there is a shortage in food, water, electricity, and fuel. 



*Shelling and Destruction* 

Alzabadani, Rural Damascus: 

Shelling against Alzabadani is renewed on a daily basis causing mass destruction. 



Alsab’ Bahrat, Aleppo: 

Destruction spread through Aleppo due to the air raids and heavy shelling that the city is being subject to. 



*Children’s Suffering*

Almsaifrah, Daraa: 

The random shelling has caused the death of many children. No adequate medical attention is available for the children due to the shelling and siege of the area. 



Alrastan, Homs: 

Here, the children of Alrastan talk about their fear from shelling and their inability to go to school. Also, some children suffer problems in their ears due to the sounds of the shelling. There is also a shortage in milk for the youngsters.