Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS)

SNHR | Violation Report | Saturday, 24 November, 2012

Syrian Network for Human Rights | Violation Report | Saturday, 24 November, 2012

Casualties and wounded: 

Damascus Suburbs Al-Zabadani

Field hospitals in Al-Zabadani were filled with citizens injured as a result of the indiscriminate bombardment carried out by Syrian army artillery (Graphic):


Daraa | Al-Mazareib

Indiscriminate bombardment was carried out against the province of Daraa; leading to many deaths including Ibrahim Shehadeh as his legs were blown off and bled to death:



Suffering and Human Rights Violations:

Damascus Suburbs | Babeila

As indiscriminate bombardment continues across the suburbs of Damascus, the number of wounded increases amongst the citizens, who are then transported to field hospitals by any means available as ambulances are not able to reach them because the Syrian army is preventing them to do so. In addition to this, civilians are afraid to approach government hospitals amidst fears of being kidnapped, prosecuted or killed during treatment. It is worth mentioning that the siege carried out by the Syrian army is preventing any medical devices and medicines from reaching field hospitals especially in areas under bombardment (Graphic):


Homs | Al-Rastan

While the blockade imposed by the Syrian army continues on the city of Al-Rastan, citizens must resort to collecting their own wood in order to keep warm and use as fuel because of the lack of fuel, electricity and resources:



Bombardment and Destruction: 

Damascus Suburbs | Arbein

The vicious and continuous shelling carried out by the Syrian army caused large amounts of destruction in the city of Arbein:


Deir El-Zour | Al-Hameidiya

The following video shows the destruction in just one of the side streets in Al-Hameidiya neighbourhood in Deir El-Zour caused by the indiscriminate bombardment carried out by the Syrian army for over a month:



Suffering of Children

Damascus Suburbs | Sabeina

Many children were killed during the indiscriminate bombardment carried out by the Syrian army against Sabeina, including Basam Mohammad Hasan:


Homs | Al-Rastan

As the bombardment continues across all the regions of Syria, Children in Al-Rastan can see their simple rights slipping away from them as one of them mentions in the following video how their simple right to go to school is no longer valid as the  bombardment carried out by the Syrian army destroyed their schools: