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Fears for men held incommunicado in Syria: Yahia Ka’ake and Badr Ka’ake

19 October 2012

URGENT ACTION  – Syrian brothers Yahia Ka’ake and Badr Ka’ake were arrested at Syrian army checkpoints in Aleppo, northern Syria, on 29 September and 27 August 2012 respectively. They have been subjected to enforced disappearance and there are fears for their safety. Two of their brothers have already been killed by Syrian security forces.

Mechanical engineering student Yahia Ka’ake and brother Ahmad Ka’ake were last seen at a Syrian army checkpoint on 29 September, where they were arrested by uniformed members of the army. It is not known where they were taken. Ahmad Ka’ake’s body was later located by a relative in the Aleppo University hospital morgue. According to the relative, the body had four bullets wounds in the chest and lower abdomen, and was bloated as it had not been refrigerated. The hospital confirmed that it had received the body on the day of his arrest.
A month earlier, on 27 August, Badr Ka’ake was arrested at the Al Manara army checkpoint, also by men believed to be members of the Syrian army. Witnesses told the family that he was shot in the foot by members of the army during his arrest.
A fourth brother, ‘Abd al-Ghani Ka’ake, was fatally shot while filming security forces firing on a demonstration in Aleppo city on 4 May. Witnesses believe that the shooter was a sniper of the Syrian security forces.
Despite repeated inquiries with the local authorities, the family has not yet received a response from the Syrian government regarding Yahia Ka’ake and Ahmad Ka’ake. However, recently released detainees told the Ka’ake family that Yahia Ka’ake was seen at the State Security branch in Aleppo, while Badr Ka’ake is believed to be held at the Air Force Intelligence military prison at Aleppo’s military airport. The reasons for their arrest and the killings of their brothers are unclear but the family believes Yahia Ka’ake may be held due to his anti-government online activism as this is believed to be the reason for a previous arrest.
Please write immediately in Arabic, English or your own language:
Urging the Syrian authorities to reveal Yahia Ka’ake’s and Badr Ka’ake’s whereabouts and their legal status, ensure that they are provided with all necessary medical care, and provide immediate access to their family and lawyer;
Calling on authorities to release Yahia Ka’ake and Badr Ka’ake, unless they are promptly charged with a recognizably criminal offence and tried in proceedings that respect international fair trial standards;
Calling on authorities to ensure that a prompt, independent investigation is carried out into the killings of Ahmad Ka’ake and ‘Abd al-Ghani Ka’ake, and ensure that anyone found responsible for abuses is brought to justice in a fair trial.

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FEARS FOR men held incommunicado in syria
ADditional Information
Yahia Ka’ake (21) was arrested at an army checkpoint on 29 September when he and his brother Ahmad Ka’ake were stopped on their way home to the Aleppo suburbs. They were travelling in a small van. Yahia Ka’ake was previously arrested in May 2011 for 12 days and interrogated about his online activism in documenting human rights abuses. He was held by Military Security in Homs military prison and the Military Security branch number 291 in Damascus. Ahmad Ka’ake’s body was found by a relative at the Aleppo University hospital two days after he was arrested at the checkpoint with his brother
Badr Ka’ake (25), brother to Yahia Ka’ake and Ahmad Ka’ake, was an army conscript in Al Qunaytrah. He was transferred to Dayr al-Zor, eastern Syria, during clashes and was apprehended and detained on 27 August by an armed opposition group. The group released him on the condition that he left the army and went back home. On his way home, he was arrested by men believed to be part of the Syrian army at the Al Manara checkpoint on the Aleppo-Riqqa road and shot in the foot.
‘Abd al-Ghani Ka’ake (18), a high school student, had also been previously arrested. According to his relatives, he was arrested by members of the Air Force Intelligence on 8 September 2011 and detained for eight weeks, while he was still a minor. He was eventually released on 3 November 2011, the day of his 18th birthday. During his detention he was tortured and held incommunicado. More information on his case can also be found in Amnesty International’s report from August 2012: All-out repression: Purging dissent in Aleppo, Syria (http://www.amnesty.org/en/library/info/MDE24/061/2012/en).
Amnesty International has received many reports of people like Yahia Ka’ake and Badr Ka’ake, who have apparently been subjected to enforced disappearance, where state officials have not provided their families with information on their fate. Most are believed to have been arrested by the security forces; some have been released after months of secret, incommunicado detention, while others remain missing (see Kept in the Dark – the murky world of enforced disappearances, 29 August 2012, http://www.amnesty.org/en/news/kept-dark-murky-world-enforced-disappearances-2012-08-28).
The organisation has also received the names of some 650 persons believed to have died in the custody of the Syrian security forces since the beginning of the unrest. Amnesty International documented this practice in August 2012: Deadly detention: Deaths in custody amid popular protest in Syria (http://www.amnesty.org/en/library/info/MDE24/035/2011/en).For an insight into Syria’s detention centres, please see: I wanted to die: Syria’s torture survivors speak out of March 2012 (http://www.amnesty.org/en/library/info/MDE24/016/2012/en)
Go to the interactive Eyes on Syria map (www.eyesonsyria.org) to see where human rights violations are being committed in Syria, and to learn more about Amnesty International’s global activism to seek justice.
Name: Yahia Ka’ake, Ahmad Ka’ake, Badr Ka’ake, ‘Abd al-Ghani Ka’ake
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