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A phenomenal rise in the new statistical number of displaced persons and refugees inside and outside Syriaþ

A phenomenal rise in the new statistical number of displaced persons and refugees inside and outside Syria


The number of displaced persons inside Syria has increased greatly, outgrowing the control by local committees and organisations. According to the latest statistics of the Syrian Network for Human Rights, the number of displaced people in the last month – 3.5 million – has reached 4.2 million today, 24.09.2012. Most of the displaced in the last month were from the city of Aleppo, due to the expansion of indiscriminate shelling by MiG warplanes, with the use of barrel explosives. The percentage of people in some neighbourhoods has reached 4%, whilst the others have fled out of fear for themselves and their children. Death is expected at any moment, according to a member of the Syrian Network of Human Rights, in Aleppo.


The distributions of the displaced in Syrian provinces, according to the latest survey are as follows: 


Aleppo: 1.2 million displaced.

Homs: 950,000 displaced.

Damascus: 575,000 displaced.

Deir Alzor: 380,000 displaced.

Lattakia: 300,000 displaced.

Hama: 225,000 displaced.

Dar’a: 200,000 displaced.

Idlib: 180,000 displaced. 

The total numbers of displaced people in these provinces have exceeded 4 million. As for the remaining provinces – Qunaitrah, Alraqqah, Hasakah, Suwaidah and Tartous, the number has totalled to about 200,000 displaced citizens. 


Most of those displaced live within a dire humanitarian situation and we bear the Syrian regime the consequences and responsibilities, in addition to the international community and global relief organisations as international law is required to help and provide aid to the civilians as the Syrian regime prevents all organisations of the world to work and offer their help in Syria. These organisations must continue to put pressure on the countries which are considered as pioneers in defending human rights; they must put pressure these countries that have not fulfilled their humanitarian role alone in helping the Syrians – we will not say political role, as this is not our field of work, but we will say humanitarian role. There are responsibilities in which the international community has not fulfilled; had they been fulfilled, people who had their homes destroyed and their property violated and looted will not, to this day, feel that they have been deliberately neglected by the international community – although they have all the right to feel this way.


The number of displace people and refugees outside Syrian territory has exceeded half a million.  

The total number of Syrian citizen refugees, according to the latest statistics of the Syrian Network for Human Rights, has reached 547,000 refugee – the majority of them, however, are unregistered. Many of them are not mentioned in statistics as many have arrived via roads and paths, whilst others have been smuggled in across the borders, as they feared they will be prevented from coming in if they had done otherwise. Others have been taken in by relatives of theirs, but according to the global characterisation of them, they are considered as refugees and they are distributed as follows, half of them in Jordan:

Jordan: 295,000 displaced.

Turkey: 130,000 displaced.

Lebanon: 87,000 displaced.

Iraq: 35,000 displaced. 

The humanitarian conditions of the refugees outside the Syrian territory are very difficult; however, they cannot be compared to the severity of the humanitarian conditions of the refugees in Syria. Refugees outside of Syrian territory can be reached easily by relief organisations around the world, but the aid that reaches them does not fulfil the required level.

The Syrian regime bears full legal and judicial responsibility in terms of what the refugees in and out of Syria are facing, as this regime is the prime reason as they left their homes behind. We, therefore, call on the Security Council to immediately intervene to stop all the atrocities and inhumane actions taking place by the regime, and to protect the Syrian people from displacement. 

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