Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS)

SNHR| Syria| Violations Report| September 25th, 2012

A documentation of the Syrian regime’s violations of human rights in various Syrian provinces on the 25th of September 2012

*Deaths and Injuries*
Al Zabadani, Rural Damascus
Indescrinate shelling with heavy weapons caused many deaths and injuries. Majid Kharita was on of the civilians whom were injured 

Arbeen, Rural Damascus
The barbaric bombing of the Syrian army forces killed several civilians in the city of Arbeen 

Jobar, Homs
Crammed hospitals in Jobar with corpses and the wounded due to heavy shelling 

*Suffering and Violations*
Alqabon, Damascus 
Every day you wake up in Damascus to find bodies lying in the streets with signs of torture. The civilians suffer daily due to random kidnappings by regime loyalists 

Ma’oula, Rural Damascus 
The scattered military checkpoints cause much suffering for the civilians in Syrian towns and villages. Civilians are detained tortured at the checkpoints; here is a civilian who bears the marks of torture since he was arrested 

 Marat Al Na’am, Idlib
The civilians in the province of Idlib suffer from a lack of medical supplies and medicines. In the video, people injured by indiscriminate shelling with heavy weapons are trying to be treated in ill equipped field hospitals. 
Kharbit Ghazali, Daraa
Field suffers Hospitals in Daraa of a significant lack of tools and medical supplies due to the blockade imposed by the Syrian army forces and the pursuit of medical staff; here is a young man wounded by the heavy shelling

*Shelling and Destruction*
Talbisah, Homs
Missiles and artillery shelling continue on Homs and day after day causing more destruction and loss of life and property

Al Rastan, Homs
The shelling continues on the city of Rastan 

Al Artab, Aleppo
Houses completely demolished and significant damage caused by barbaric shill with MiG jets on the city of Aleppo 

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