Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS)

SNHR | Syria | Violations Report | August 31, 2012

Documentation of the Syrian regime’s violations of human rights in various Syrian provinces on 31/8/2012.


*Deaths and injuries*

Masraya, Rural Damascus: 

The indiscriminate shelling of Masraya caused many deaths and injuries. Those victims were taken to makeshift hospitals. 


Hammoriya, Rural Damascus:

The random shelling of Hammoriya caused the death of many, including children. 


Alhajar Alaswad, Damascus: 

Many fell dead due to the indiscriminate shelling of Alhajar Alaswad with heavy weapons. The indiscriminate shelling did not differentiate between between old and young. Here are two children that fell dead during the shelling. 


Jobar, Damascus: 

The people of Jobar found the bodies of people that were summarily executed by army forces. It is noteworthy that summary executions are being carried out by army forces at an increasing rate. 




*Suffering and violations*

Abil, Homs: 

The shelling and invastion of Abil has caused many injuries, some of them serious. The wounded are treated in makeshift hospitals that lack the needed medical supplies, care, and ambulances. 


Albowaidah Alsharqiya, Homs: 

Many have fallen dead or were severely wounded due to the heavy shelling. The wounded were treated in ill-equipped makeshift hospitals. 




*Shelling and destruction*

Almu’adamiya, Rural Damascus: 

Almu’adamiyah is being subject to a ferocious military campaign, as the army is shelling the city with heavy weapons causing great damage to houses and property. 


Alrastan, Homs: 

Ever since 80 days ago, Alrastan has been subject to a siege and shelling which has caused damage to homes and property and heavy smoke. 


Bab Hud, Homs: 

The shelling Homs’ Old City has been renewed causing heavy human and monetary losses. 


Kafranbel, Idlib: 

Kafranbel was left with heavily damaged homes and residential buildings after the army’s MIG warplanes pounded the city.


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