Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS)

SNHR| Syria| Violations Report| August 30, 2012

Documentation of the Syrian regime’s violations of human rights in various Syrian provinces on 30/8/2012. 

*Deaths and injuries*

Abu Thuhur, Idlib:

Many were killed or injured by shrapnel as Abu Thuhur was being indiscriminately being shelled by the Syrian army’s heavy weapons. This child was extracted from beneath the rubble. 


The shelling also injured many cilians, inclding children. 


Almadinah, Aleppo:

As the city was being shelled, makeshift hospitals witnessed a huge influx those who were killed or injured by the shelling. 




*Suffering and violations*

Saqba, Rural Damascus: 

The indiscriminate firing of mortars by the Syrian army has cased many injuries, some of them very serious. The inured are taken to makeshift hospitals that are very ill-equipped and are in shortage of highly needed medical supplies. 


Alrastan, Homs:

The shelling of Alrastan has not stopped as well as the suffering of the civilians there. Whoever remained there has decided to flee due to shortages in basic supplies like water and electricity. 


There is no gas or electricity for the people of Alrastan. 




*Shelling and destruction*

Almu’adamiya| Rural Damascus:

Almu’adamiyah is being subject to a ferocious military campaign, as the army is shelling the city with heavy weapons causing great damage to houses and property. 


Old Homs, Homs:

Ever since 80 days ago, Homs’ old city has been subject to a siege and shelling which has caused damage to homes and property. 


Almayadin, Dier Alzoor:

Civilian homes were heavily damages due to the indiscriminate shelling that the Syrian army has been carrying out for over a month in Dier Alzoor.


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