Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS)

SNHR| Syria| Violations Report| August 29, 2012

Documentation of the Syrian regime’s violations of human rights in various Syrian provinces on 29/8/2012


*Deaths and injuries*

Daraya, Rural Damascus:

The indiscriminate shelling caused many deaths and injuries in Daraya, Rural Damascus.


Hammoriya, Rural Damascus: 

The Syrian regime indiscriminately shelled Hammoriya using heavy weapons and that resulted in many civilian deaths.


Alqadam, Damascus: 

The shelling of Alqadam did not stop. For today, may died during the indiscriminate shelling. This video shows a victim with a deformed head.


Almaysir, Aleppo:

The makeshift hospitals in Aleppo were flooded with those who fell dead during the Syrian army’s shelling of the area.


Kafranbel, Idlib: 

The indiscriminate shelling of Kafranbel caused the death of man civilians, including children who’s bodies were deformed. 




*Suffering and violations*

Hadiqat Alrou, Damascus: 

Everyday, many are wounded by shrapnel from mortar and other heavy shells that strike civilian areas. Wounds from shrapnel require medical care that is not available in the makeshift hospitals that are usually targeted by the Syrian army. 


Kafarbatna, Rural Damascus: 

Many children are wounded by the indiscriminate shelling and are taken to the very ill-equipped makeshift hospitals. 


Jobar, Homs:

The warplane’s strikes and heavy machine gun fire cause wounds to many who are suffering from deteriorating medical conditions and the seige that has been imposed on the city since sixty days ago. 


Almadinah, Aleppo:

The wounded in Aleppo are suffering from lack of sufficient treatment in the makeshift hospitals, as is the case with many other cities. 


Deraa, Alherak:

There is a shortage of medical equipment and expertise in the makeshift hospitals. 




*Shelling and destruction*

Almu’adamiyah, Rural Damascus: 

Almu’adamiyah is being subject to a ferocious military campaign, as the army is shelling the city with heavy weapons causing great destruction. 


Irbin, Rural Damascus: 

Today, the Syrian army shelled Irbin with heavy weapons causing rising smoke and destruction to property. 


Alkhaldiya, Homs: 

Homes have been completely obliterated and reduced to rubble due to the shelling that has been going on for 80 days. The sounds of shelling can be heard in this video. 


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