Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS)

SNHR | Syria | Violation Report | Monday, 13 August 2012

Syrian Network for Human Rights Violation Report for Monday, 13 August, 2012


Casualties and Wounded:

Damascus Suburbs | Erbeen

Several people were killed and many were injures as a result of the indiscriminate shelling by the security forces with heavy artillery on civilians’ homes. This child was amongst the casualties and her body is disfigured:


Damascus Suburbs | Hammoreyah

Many civilians were killed as a result of heavy shelling by the regime’s army. Reaching out to pull the bodies is very difficult:


Homs | Alghunto

A child head turned into pieces as a shell targeted his home during the intense shelling offensive by the regime’s army:


The child mother was killed as well:


Aleppo | Hraitan

A big bomb was thrown from one of the regimes’ warplanes and caused a great explosion, eyewitnesses said that the explosion shook the town; this body lost its head from the explosion impact:



Assaults and Human Rights Violation:

Damascus Suburbs | Dareyyah

The only treatment possible for the wounded of the shelling offensive by regime’s forces is in a makeshift hospital with primitive equipments:


Homs | Alhouleh

This crowd is awaiting to get bread since there is severe shortage in basic foods as a result of the forced siege by the regime’s forces on the city:


Idleb | Mu’arrat Annu’man

Critical wounds are treated in a makeshift hospital as it is in the rest of the cities across Syria.


Dar’aa | Tafas

Intense and continual shelling by regime’s forces makes it impossible for the residents to retrieve the bodies without getting killed or injured:



Bombardment and Destruction:

Damascus Suburbs | Jisrain

The footage reveals the after math of the intense shelling by regime’s forces on the residential areas in the town:


Homs | Jourat Asheyah

The intense shelling by regime’s forces on the town didn’t leave one home without damage or complete demolishment: