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Number of fully documented casualties is over 20 thousand since the beginning of the revolution till 31-07-2012

Comprehensive death toll of the Syrian casualties killed by the Syrian regime since the beginning of the revolution to the end of July, 31/07/2012)

The Syrian Network for Human Rights observes rigorous documentation standards to verify the names, identities, places, and the types of murder. This is despite the many difficulties and the fact that the Syrian authorities prevent any human rights organization of working on its territories. Many human rights activists have been arrested or eliminated.

The network periodically reviews and constantly corrects the names through contacting the families of the martyrs or their relatives or friends so as to ensure that the list is free from any duplication.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights does not publish any statistics of whatever scale including daily statistics, without providing the human rights and the Arab and international media groups with lists of the names and not just the aggregate numbers. We also add to the name a photograph and a video of the person that was mentioned on the same day. On the following days the team continues to seek to obtain pictures or videos of those who do not have any and once attained, they are directly added to the archive and attached with the name automatically to maintain accuracy and credibility.

The comprehensive PDF file of the victims of the Syrian Revolution can be downloaded from this link.


This PDF file contains all the details, including photos, videos, and full names.

Syrian citizens killed by the Syrian regime between
18-03-2011 and 31.07.2012
Confirmed death toll documented

by name: 20148
Children: 1499, including 317 children under the age of ten years
Women: 1417
Elderly (over sixty): 256
Killed under torture: 697
Military personnel:1425
, of the Free Syrian Army, pro-regime military and security forces as well as defectors or soldiers who refused to shoot and whom SNHR was able to document their names and death using the military or security IDs which they had when they were killed. It is worth mentioning that Syrian authorities have not allowed SNHR members to verify the names of the victims declared by the Syrian authorities as SNHR members have no relations whatsoever with the Syrian authorities, security apparatus and media outlets responsible for the figures and information released by the Syrian authorities and which cannot be verified at the moment.

Distribution of casualties on Syrian governorates is
available in and documented by the attached file and can be verified by
referring to this file:
Homs: 6105
Idlib: 3000
Hama: 2526
Damascus: 2486
Dara: 2097
Aleppo: 1177
Diralzor: 1133
Damascus: 664
Lattakia: 472
Hasaka: 138
Arraga: 79
Konaitira: 73
Tartous: 72
Swaida: 21
Other nationalities: 105

It is noteworthy that there are many cases which could not be reached and documented, especially in cases of massacres, besieged towns and the frequent communications black out. Hence, the actual number is likely to be higher because there are dozens of cases where residents buried the victims in mass graves to stop the spread of diseases and epidemics, and all of this is due to the Syrian government preventing any human rights organization to work on its

The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) holds Bashar al-Assad, head of the state and Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian regime army, accountable for all acts of homicide, torture and massacres perpetrated in Syria as he holds the primary responsibility for issuing the orders for those acts. All members of the Syrian regime and heads of security and military apparatus are considered directly complicit in those acts as well as all those involved in funding and supporting this regime which continues to perpetrate massacres against civilians on a daily basis. All such parties shall be responsible for any public reactions and consequences and implications thereof.

SNHR calls on the UN and the UN Security Council to quickly take all necessary measures to protect civilians and fulfill their legal and moral responsibilities by accelerating the referral of all those responsible for the perpetration of these massacres to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

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