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SNHR | Syria| Report about July Death Toll in Syria

July is considered to be the bloodiest month with at least 3643 victims that are documented with names, places, and photos; amongst the victims:

274 Children: This month is considered to be the highest in killing children since the initiation of the uprising.

322 Women: This month is considered to be the highest in killing women since the initiation of the uprising.

81 Tortured till death.

The daily average of casualties was 121 victims per day, and
14 massacres that took place mostly in Damascus countryside.

The following link contains the whole list of victims, being killed systematically, that were documented day by day. Also the list includes photos, videos, and charts tables showing the victims’ places since the initiation of the uprising till August with comparison figures for older months.

The victims were distributed according to the provinces as
Damascus Countryside: 620
Aleppo: 535
Homs: 471
Idlib: 468
Dar’aa: 362
Deir Ezzor: 357
Hama: 354
Damascus: 351
Latakia: 43
Alhasakah: 22
Qunaitra: 17
Arraqqa: 8
Asswaidaa: 6
Tartous: 1
Other nationalities: 19

The Syrian Network would like to point out that these statistics have been prepared by our members from various Syrian provinces. SNHR team has done its best and utilized all the available resources in order to authenticate and verify the detailed information including the full names, places and times. SNHR would like to emphasize that in many cases that members were unable to reach and document the incidents due to checkpoints by the regime’s forces especially during the massacres, and due to disconnecting the telecommunications. Therefore, there is a big possibility of many names that are not documented, and the documented victims list is likely to increase later.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) strongly condemns the massacres of historic proportion which amounts to a crime against humanity, as well as all other massacres perpetrated by the Syrian regime against the Syrian people around the clock. SNHR holds the Syrian regime and Bashar al-Assad, head of state and Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian regime’s army, completely and directly responsible for all of those massacres and their implications and consequences. SNHR calls on the United Nations and the UN Security Council to swiftly take all necessary measures to protect civilians and fulfill their legal and moral responsibilities by accelerating the indictment of all those responsible for the perpetration of these massacres to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

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