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SNHR | Syria | Violation Report | Saturday, August 4, 2012

Syrian Network for Human Rights Violation Report for Saturday, 4 August, 2012

Casualties and wounded:
Damascus Suburbs | Harasta
Regime’s forces stationed their snipers across the towns in
every corner ending the lives of thousands, today in Harasta, a sniper shot
ended the life of Ayham Assawwas, a child who was riding his bike in the
Other civilians lost their lives as a result of the
continual shelling by the regime’s forces on the civilians’ homes; Ahmad
Allahham was one of those killed in the shelling:
Damascus | Daf Ashawk
The security forces raided a civilian home killing four
unarmed residents with gunfire.
Damascus | Joubar
Damascus witnessed another massacre in which security forces
detained seven citizens, including two children, then tortured them and extra
judicially executed them.
Deir Ezzor | Al-Hamedeyyah
Heavy artilleries were used by the regime’s army to continue
its bombardment on the citizens in Deir Ezzor resulting in the killing of many
people and injuring dozens. Gunfire continued as people are trying to rescue
the wounded and remove the bodies:  

Aleppo | Assukkari
The footage shows the way the residents in Assukkari
neighbourhood removed their beloved ones’ bodies from under the rubbles. The
destruction was the results of heavy shelling by fighter jets launched by the
security forces
Assaults and Human Rights

Damascus Suburbs | Hammoreyyah
Hospitals in Hammoreyyah crowded with wounded as a result of
the bombardment by the regime’s forces. The hospitals struggled with severe
shortage in medical supplies and even beds for the patients:
Many citizens are felling their homes and town running away
from the constant shelling by the regime’s forces.
Dar’aa | Tafas
The citizens in Syria live a state of fear baring
bombardment and hunger and when is wounded there is another struggle with pain
and suffering to lack of medical staff supplies and medicine, and this struggle
in many cases means baring pain awaiting the inevitable death.
Bombardment and Destruction:
Damascus Suburbs | Azzabadani
Heavy indiscriminate shelling by the regime’s army continues
targeting the homes
Homs | Talbeeseh
Heavy shelling of the neighbourhoods in town continues for
more than fifty days despite the fact that most residents fled:

Aleppo | Salahu-Deen
The escalation in destruction due to the heavy shelling with
warplanes and tanks by the regime’s army led to more citizens fleeing the neighbourhood:
Dar’aa | Al-Herak
Major destruction is the results of the military operation
which is carried out by the regime’s army towards their own civilians



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