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SNHR | Violation Report | Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) Violation Report for Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Casualties and Wounded:
Damascus Suburbs | Jadeedat ‘Artouz
Regime forces perpetrated a horrific massacre against civilians in the area, killing 50 people at least. Some were killed during indiscriminate shelling, some were burned, and the rest were extra judicially executed by regime forces:
Damascus Suburbs | Yalda
Residents found 10 civilian bodies dumped in one home, all extra judicially executed by regime forces:
Additional bodies were found in the street, also extra judicially executed:
Idleb | Areiha
The disturbing trend of mass killing by regime forces continued in Areiha, where more than ten casualties were reported when homes were indiscriminately shelled:
The makeshift hospitals were over capacity with the wounded civilians from the same attack:

Assaults and Human Rights Violations:
Homs Province | Homs
This critically injured man is suffering as doctors try to repair a neck injury with the most primitive of instruments, which is all that is available in Syrian makeshift hospitals due to the regime’s constant siege on Homs and other provinces:
http://youtu.be/Kax782yMDMU (Warning: GRAPHIC)
Idleb | Mu’aret An-Nu’man
This child, injured and burned in a shelling attack by regime forces, is treated with the simplest of burn creams because there is nothing else available to treat him with:

Bombardment and Destruction:
Damascus | At-Tadamun
Continual shelling on the area Wednesday has resulted in large destruction of personal property, as well as filled the skies with smoke and dust. Live footage of the shelling:
Homs | Al-Hamidiye
Homes targeted by regime forces in shelling attacks catch fire, sending billowing black smoke into the air:
Aleppo | Salah Ad-Deen
The offensive launched by regime forces on Aleppo continues, and many homes have been destroyed, forcing residents to flee and seek shelter elsewhere. The shelling is captured live here:
Dar’aa | At-Teeba
Military helicopters piloted by regime forces were used to shell homes in the area, many of which caught fire:

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