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Syrian Network for Human Rights Violation Report Monday, 30 July, 2012

Syrian Network for Human Rights Violation Report for Monday, 30 July, 2012

Casualties and wounded:
Damascus | Rural Damascus | Yelda
The regime’s army extra judicially executed at least 50 civilians with gunfire. It is reported that extrajudicial execution became a common used systematic procedure lately in all cities to suppress protesters from seeking freedom:
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Homs | Arrastan
Two citizens were killed a result of continual shelling on Arrastan by the regime’s army. Both, Hamed Sayouf anf Muhammad Ubaid were killed and their bodies were burned: 
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Deir Ezzor | Alhamedeyah
The indiscriminate shelling on the city resulted in many casualties and dozens of wounded, amongst the victims were children:
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Dar’aa | Ashaikh Meskeen
The regime’s army perpetrated another massacre as they besieged one of the makeshift hospital located in a school then shelled it killing many citizens and few defected soldiers. After shelling, the army went inside to insure killing with knives those who remained alive:
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Some bodies were burned:

Destruction and bombardment:
Damascus/ al-Qaboon
Regime army have shelled al-Qaboon neighbourhood, and carried out brutal military campaign demolishing many homes, some of which were levelled to the ground.
Homs / al-Ghantou
Syrian regime army troops and helicopters have heavily shelled residential homes destroying a large number of which; there have been an exodus.  
Aleppo/ Salah al-Deen
Billows of smoke filled the sky due to Al-assad regime army heavy shelling.

Abuses and Suffering :
Rural Damascus/ Darya
The wounded suffer continually as they are being treated in makeshift hospitals; they are treated with simple medical tools and necessities due severe shortage of medical appliances due to the siege laid by Assad’s army.
Another video showing the severe injuries and methods of treating them
Homs/ Baba Amr
Makeshift hospitals lack medical necessities and appliances needed by doctors who treat the wounded who are denied medical aid at public hospitals, let alone liquidating them by security forces.
Idleb/ Jesr al-Shoughour
Doctors at makeshift hospitals treat critical injuries with simple methods as those hospitals do not receive new injuries due to the siege laid by Assad’s army.
Daraa/ Nasseeb
Residents, as across Syria, suffer from hardships in getting their basic needs and rights. They line up in very crowded queues to get bread and vegetables as this footage shows.


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