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SNHR & DCHRS | Syria | Violation Report | 29-07-2012

Syrian Network for Human Rights & Damascus Centre for Human Rights Studies Violation Report for Sunday, 29 July, 2012

Casualties and wounded:
Damascus Suburbs | Mouadamiyet al-Sham
Assad forces have committed a massacre killing more than 24 civilians mostly in random shelling but also in extrajudicial executions. Following is footage of two of the massacre victims:
Footage of victim bodies before burial:
Aleppo | Zaidiya
More than 18 victims were killed in Aleppo including this young girl whose torn remains have been retrieved from under the rubble. Sounds of constant shelling and gunfire by Assad army continued to be heard in the neighbourhood.
Idleb | Rami
Army snipers make no distinction between young and old as they shoot on sight any moving object in the different towns and governorates they are positioned.
Hanan Mohammad Husram (video below) is a young girl who was killed by a sniper shot in the chest.

Assaults and Human Rights Violations:
Damascus Suburbs | Yalda
Not only do Assad forces shell residential areas and kill civilians, but they also abduct victims’ bodies and rob their organs. The video below shows the body of Mohammad Mahmoud al-Masri who was killed in the shelling and whose body was abducted to be found later with missing organs.
Hospitals in Yalda have also been overburdened with those injured some of whom have critical injures. The footage below shows one such critical case being treated in the absence of pain killers.
Aleppo | al-Sha’ar
Make shift hospital in the neighbourhood has been overburdened with those injured due to the random aerial bombardment by Assad forces on Aleppo city. As civilians have no secure access to governmental hospitals where the wounded are liquidated, the footage below shows one of the doctors at the make shift hospital explaining the dire situation and lack of medical supplies.
Homs | Ghanto
Severe and permanent injuries are incurred by children every day in Homs. Footage below shows a child who has received severe head injuries when a shell hit his house. The limited medical capacity of the makeshift clinic made it hard to treat his wounds.
Deir Ezzour | Deir Ezzour city
Assad forces perpetrate massacres on a daily basis in Deir Ezzour. One such massacre has been unveiled today when shelling was temporarily less intense. Bodies of the victims have been found in the streets. Some of the bodies were decomposed while others completely burned because of direct shelling of those fleeing the area.

Bombardment and Destruction:
Homs | Rastan
The regime’s military campaign on Homs continued for more than 50 days so far. The campaign was most intense in Rastan which has come under artillery, mortar and rocket launchers shelling as well as aerial bombardment.
Homs | Bab Houd
Neighbourhoods in Old Homs including Bab Houd has come under constant and violent mortar and rocket shelling by Assad forces. Shelling has destroyed and burned several houses as can be seen in the footage below as sounds of shooting and shelling can also be heard clearly.
Hama | Qala’t al-Mdeeq
Signs of massive destruction in houses and property could visibly be observed in Qala’t al-Madeeq following the fierce shelling with heavy weapons.
Dara’a | al-Karak
Artillery and mortar shells have caused massive destruction in civilian houses in Karak.


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