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SNHR & DCHRS | Violations Report | Saturday, 30 June 2012

Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) & Damascus Centre for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS) Violations Report for Saturday, 30 June, 2012

Casualties and Wounded:
Damascus Rural | Zamalka
Massacre committed against mourners during funeral procession of civilian after a mortar exploded in their midst. The video documents the explosion:
Civilians performing first aid after regime forces prevented ambulances from entering the area filled with scattered bodies of dead and wounded civilians:
Dar’aa | Inkhel
Doctors trying to save the life of a critically wounded child in the aftermath of a bombing wave of the city:
A little girl injured by indiscriminate regime shelling of Dar’aa Al-Balad fights for her life:
Damascus Rural | Beyt Samar
A painful video of dead civilians due to indiscriminate regime shelling of the district.  The piled up bodies show massive injuries that resulted in instantaneous death:
Idlib | Hayeesh
The falling of both individual and multiple victims continues due to indiscriminate regime shelling of civilian areas. This video shows the bodies of Rajab Assawadi and his son:

Assaults and Human Rights’ Violations:
Dar’aa | Dar’aa Al-Balad
Random shelling by regime forces of unarmed civilian homes. The video shows the falling of a shell on a home with women and children screaming:
Dar’aa | Al-Haraa
Long queues of civilian cars awaiting their turn at gas station to fill much needed gasoline which has become a scarcity in Syria:
Damascus Rural | Douma
The injured civilians of stricken Douma lack mere field hospitals and are forced to treat their wounded in homes:
Scenes of another home with wounded civilians:

Bombardment and Destruction:
Dar’aa | Khirbit Ghazala
Military airplanes take part in assault against civilians and rain the Township with automatic machineguns:
Homs | Al-Qusoor
The stricken city of Homs currently resembles one that has witnessed a devastating earthquake where its streets, homes and buildings have been reduced to rubble:
Homs | Jorit Asshayaah
Nonstop shelling of district since early morning. The video shows a fire that has erupted after a rocket struck the neighborhood, and another rocket falling on a nearby house:
An excerpt depicting the time lapse between one rocket and another:

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