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SNHR & DCHRS | Violations Report | Friday, 29 June 2012

Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) & Damascus Centre for Human Rights Studies DCHRS) Violations Report for Friday, 29 June 2012

Casualties and Wounded:
Idleb | Areiha
A number of children were killed and wounded when regime forces shelled their town:
Damascus Rural | Douma
The footage from Thursday’s massacre in Douma reached the Network on Friday. More than 50 citizens, many of them women and children, were killed in shelling attacks or stabbed to death by regime forces:
http://youtu.be/OH2l_6ma1qE (Warning: GRAPHIC)
Dar’aa | Bosra Ash-Shaam
As a result of Friday’s shelling attack, a number of residents, including children, were critically injured, but the suffocating siege by regime forces has made it impossible for residents to access necessary medical supplies to treat the wounded:

Assaults and Human Rights Violations:
Hama | Teebet Al-Imaam
Military planes flew over the town at low altitudes to terrorize residents on Friday:
Hama | Al-Karama Neighbourhood
Regime forces surrounded the mosques of the town to prevent residents from mobilizing in peaceful demonstrations:
Damascus Province
Snipers were stationed across the Damascus Province to stifle the movement of residents and scare them to staying in their homes on Friday:
Dar’aa | Ash-Sheikh Miskeen
Regime forces drove around the town with their tanks to discourage residents from leaving their homes:

Bombardment and Destruction:
Damascus Rural | Douma
Regime forces continued to target homes and their residents in shelling attacks on Friday:
Residents trying to capture footage of the violence against innocent citizens were also targeted:
Homs | Old Homs
Regime forces have targeted and continue to target Old Homs for months now in heavy and vicious shelling attacks, creating widespread destruction in the town. This is the most recent footage of these shelling attacks, with black smoke filling the air after a shell falls on a residential building:
Deir Ez-Zour | Deir-Ez-Zour
A large number of tanks across the province were used to continue the shelling attacks on residential homes:
Dar’aa | Tareeq As-Sad
Mortar shells were aimed at residential homes by regime forces, destroying homes and forcing residents to flee:

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