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SNHR & DCHRS | Violations Report | Thursday, 28 June 2012

Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR)  & Damascus Centre for Human Rights Studies  (DCHRS) Violations Report for Thursday, 28 June 2012

Casualties and Wounded:
Dar’aa | Refugee Camp
Regime forces continue to target the refugee camp in Dar’aa Al-Mahata, shelling it on a daily basis during the past week. Many have been killed and many more are injured, such as this young man who is taking his last breaths:
Homs | Al-Khalidiye
Continual shelling by regime forces on Al-Khalidiye district has left many residents suffering multiple shrapnel wounds as well as severe burns:
Homs | Baba Amro
There is no medicine or supplies to treat the residents wounded in shelling attacks:
Idleb | Ma’ar Dibseh
The midsection of Wasim Muhammad Al-Ibrish has been completely shredded due to the regime’s shelling of residential homes:
http://youtu.be/Qa06OGFz_1M (Warning: Very graphic)

Assaults and Human Rights Violations:
Dar’aa | Inkhel
A number of families have been forced to flee as the regime’s attacks intensify on their homes:
Damascus Suburbs | Saqbah
Regime forces intensified their presence in the town to stifle the movement of residents and prevent them from mobilizing in peaceful protests:
Damascus Suburbs | Douma
When Douma residents tried to extinguish a fire started by a shelling attack, regime forces began shooting at them:
Hama | Sahl Al-Ghab
Regime forces set residents’ farms and fields on fire, which are the last remaining source of food for many of the families in the area:

Bombardment and Destruction:
Homs | Ar-Rastan
Daily shelling on Ar-Rastan continues, shelling which has lately targeted water tanks and mosques in the town:
Aleppo | Haryatan
Widespread destruction is captured in this footage as a result of shelling by regime forces:
Deir Ez-Zour | Al-Jubaila
Aerial and tank shelling have destroyed many of the residents’ homes and shops in Al-Jubaila:
Dar’aa | An-Na’ema
Many homes are damaged as a result of the continual shelling and shooting by regime forces:

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