Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS)

CIHRS demanded the international community rid itself of the double standards that are eminent in dealing with human rights in the Arab Region and to act with all due haste on the findings in Syria

Two Oral Interventions at the HRC 19th Session, Geneva:

4 March 2012

Oral intervention – urgent debate on Syria

The International community must let go of its double standards in dealing with human rights in the Arab region

Press Statement

During the March 1st and 2nd, CIHRS presented two oral interventions about human rights cases in the Middle East. The first intervention was delivered by Ms. Laila Matar on behalf CIHRS, during the urgent debate on Syria which was held by the UN on the first of March. CIHRS urged the member states of the United Nations to act with all due diligence on the findings and recommendations of the UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria submitted to the Human Rights Council six days ago.

The second oral intervention was delivered by Ms. Maryam Al-khawaja on March 2nd  o. Ms. Al-Khawaja reiterated to the International Community the need to remedy the prevalent nature of the entrenched double standards that exist in dealing with human rights in the Arab Region. Furthermore, she emphasized the necessity for  hope and security to those who refuse to surrender in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and Egypt.

The oral interventions on Syria and Bahrain are attached to this message and on our website. You can watch the video as well through the links below: