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Detained lawyers are in risk torture

Damascus 22/12/2011

Later to a statement issued by the Syrian Organization for Human Rights, dated 01/12/2011 and the arrest of some of the Syrian Bar and subjecting them to torture and prosecuting and raiding homes and offices, some of them.
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The security authorities have arrested on 28/11/2011 on the lawyer, Mr. Fahad Al Moosa Moses, after raiding his friend Abdul Razak’s house Abdo buffalo and took them together in a degrading and brutal to an unknown destination.

And in the province of Raqqa security forces arrested on 15/12/2011 rights activist lawyer, Mr. Abdullah Khalil, "for the third time since the beginning of a revolution in Syria Arab spring" with his son Mohammed, who was only sixteen years of age.

And the same with the date and maintain security forces arrested Mr. Yousef Abdul Dirar lawyer and also took him to an unknown destination.

In the same context, the A group of armed security elements and semi-security shameful act in the heart of the Justice Palace in Aleppo when he kidnapped the lawyer Ahmed Rashid and beat him and injured him and abuse him in front of his colleagues and then dragged him and put him inside the trunk.

Which raised the ire of his fellow lawyers Liberals who objected to the perpetrators and arrested two of them handed them to police station Justice Palace after it was discovered that they are of type "Cbihh" and no official status for the two Tjulhma detaining people and torturing them in time to hurt others fled and then dragged their colleague, Mr. Ahmed Rashid, of the trunk of the car covered in blood and released him fear that the attached lists of other victims who accused them armed gangs, such as a university professor, Dr. Bassam Al Meshal willful or funded or Dr. Barber ….. a rock and others

And then filed a complaint to the Attorney General the first Aleppo for the crime of attempted kidnapping of their colleague, lawyer Ahmed Rashid of the Justice Palace after saturation was severely beaten with rifle butts and then withdrawn and an insect in the trunk of the car and is Mdharj blood and demanding in terms of the result to investigate the criminal clique and take action punitive right.

18/12/2011, and yesterday morning, and at a time when large numbers of armed groups raided the home of lawyer Ahmed Rashid looking for him in the "circuit pride" of the rural Aleppo in a clear show of force apparently.

Sit a group of lawyers, professors at the door of Aleppo Liberal attorney general protest against the incident of abuse suffered by their colleague, lawyer Rashid Ahmed on Thursday, 15/12/2011 and issued a statement recognizes the Attorney General a copy of the first Aleppo reads as follows:

((The fact that people labeled Bcbihh on the afternoon of Thursday 15/12/2011 the attack on a fellow lawyers and try kidnapped at gunpoint as he left the Justice Palace in Aleppo is a barbaric and criminal aggression represents all lawyers and infringement of the law and legal institutions.

We are the lawyers and Aleppo deplore such acts of irresponsible and condemn those who stand behind them, as we express our shock the judicial authorities’ decision to leave elements of this criminal gang after she was arrested with weapons by the number of lawyers present time.

And that these gangs that diehard and toured across the country and displayed without accountability is itself responsible for the long series of criminal acts such as the previous attack on the headquarters of the Bar Association of Aleppo and the beating of lawyers.


And our colleagues as well as the kidnapping of disappeared for more than four months and they are lawyers, Abdel-Salam and deaf lawyer and the lawyer Osman peace Hossam El-Din El Assaad, and we hold the security and judicial authorities and the government full responsibility for the safety of the two lawyers, as we carry the responsibility of any attack on any lawyer or a citizen, the first duties of the state and its institutions is to maintain national security and civil peace and the fight against armed gangs, which are currently active on the ground and known Bcbihh and terrorize peaceful citizens and infringe on the citizens and we demand the security and judicial authorities to shoulder their responsibilities constitutional and legal complete and the investigation of the facts of abduction of our colleague, the lawyer and the disappearance of lawyers mentioned and unaccounted for, and bring the perpetrators to accountability, the legal form of fundamentalist, as we call the concerned authorities to release lawyers of detainees and respect the immunity of lawyers and refrain from using the roads of illegal detention in their homes or from public places to a mere suspicion, and activating the role of judicial institutions and trade union and the realization of the principle of the rule of law and the Constitution.

We also announce our rejection of the phenomenon of the so-called popular committees, which holds the role of security agencies and the police without a legal document or unconstitutional, especially that most of the members of the owners of criminal record, and warn of this phenomenon occurred strife between the sons of one homeland and threaten the security of citizens and destabilize the country and harm authority of the state more than it protects, and leads to inflame public opinion in the country and tearing the social fabric and the revival of tribal feuds and disturbing the serenity between the elements of the nation, and breach of homeland security and public safety, free Syria and lived his father, and peace upon you))

Underway and that there is talk / 62 / lawyer in Aleppo, only two currently on waiting lists on the road to arrest or liquidation.

In the same time when the lawyers sit-in front of the Office of Attorney General in Aleppo and filed the above-mentioned statement was heavy machinery and bulldozers and demolition work Qa and destructive drug lawyer Abdullah al-Raqqa in Hebron.

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And the same time when the heavy machinery to wreak havoc with a drug, Mr. Abdulla Khalil tenderness was another armed group detained lawyer Ms. Micheline copper branch of the Bar Association of Aleppo and led to an unknown destination.

And about one o’clock yesterday afternoon, Wednesday, 21/12/2011 A group of large elements of the armed and security semi-security detention are:

Human rights activist, lawyer, Mr. Ali Badran

Human rights activist, lawyer, Mr. Ismail safety

Human rights activist, lawyer, Mr. Mohammed Al-Abdullah

Barbaric and degrading manner after Ohbathm beaten and ill or in the neighborhood and Hamdania Aleppo and took them to an unknown reaction appeared to be what happened during the attempted arrest of lawyer Ahmed Rashid.

And proceeded in the same context, a group of armed elements about a week ago and no evidence that highlights the identity or the nature of its mission to arrest the lawyer, Mr. Ihab Abdel Rabbo, from his office in the area of the hill in the province of Damascus, and took him to an unknown destination.

See the Syrian Organization for Human Rights to the suffering of the lawyers and human rights defenders in Syria is a reflection and translation on the ground to apply the concept of the Democratic People that are enshrined in the Constitution currently in force on the one hand and the amendments to the laws of the organization of professions early eighties, especially the law regulating the legal profession the other hand, such as Article III of the law regulating the legal profession and the Bar Association which became the organization of professional social objectives of the believer and the Arab nation is committed to achieving them according to the principles and decisions of the party and sent to the directives.
And Article IV of relevant law and to become an association working in collaboration with the popular and official, in coordination with the Bureau, the competent national drive to the ruling Baath Party to mobilize the masses to achieve the objectives of the nation.

And through these texts gradually became "union" composition and the laws of composition and in case of a cell-partisan act as an incubator for the lawyer party that arises and thrives on the values and principles of loyalty and dependency, hypocrisy and duplicity, those elements which would have credited him in the future The arrival of the reign trade union offices and forced to represent his colleagues in the profession.

And to confront this harsh reality suffered by lawyers free inside Syria has been assigned the management of the Syrian Organization for Human Rights – a branch abroad – to form a committee outside of Syria on behalf of advocates for justice in Syria and a call for lawyers Syrians and human rights activists and concerned residents outside Syria to bring them within the framework of defenders justice in Syria, "to coordinate with the committees of lawyers in Syria in order to:

1. Investigation and documentation of all crimes against humanity, and work to bring the perpetrators of international courts

2. Investigation and documentation of all crimes against human rights in Syria, using the existing mechanisms and raising issues against those involved, whether inside or outside Syria.

3. Shed light on the arsenal of repressive laws and the illegal and incompatible with the minimum international standards and claim to give you.

4. Find the best and safest way to connect to the normalization of transitional justice and the principles of accounting methods involved in committing massacres against the Syrian people and research in the roadmap for a peaceful transition to a state of law and institutions in Syria.

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Damascus 22/12/2011

Board of Directors