Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS)

SYRIA: Political activist Yahia Sharbji

Yahia Sharbji, political activist who believes in non-violence solutions, was born on January, 21st, 1979 in Daryaa, Damascus County. 

Yahiya studied in Science department at Damascus University, but he did not continue his studies because he was arrested with a group of his friends on May, 3rd, 2003. He was one of Daryya youth group,  A group of youth who are Muslims and they believed in non-violence solutions to all the society problems through being active in different domains in life. This group was active between 1989 and 2003. 

Yahia spent three months and half in the branches(one month in a cell by himself) of the security forces and his verdict was for four years. He spent two years and half in prison and more than four months in a cell by himself. 

Yahia was harassed since then by the security forces and he was prevented from travel. 

Yahia sharbaji was one of the people who participated in the sit-in in front of the interior ministry on March, 16th, 2011. He could run away from the security forces after they took his ID and his cell phone. 

Yahia was one of the activists who organize demonstrations in Daryya, Damascus County and he was one of the people who called for peaceful demonstrations all the time. His famous words are:"I prefer to be killed to killing anyone" 

Yahia was arrested by the security forces when he got a call from his brother Ma’an Sharnbaji telling him that he was wounded and he needs help. Yahia and his friend Ghiath Matart went to help Ma’an when they found the security forces are waiting for them.