Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS)

Al-Raqqa Province Recorded the Highest Number of Victims in March 2017

Al-Raqqa Province Recorded the Highest Number of Victims in March 2017

Casualties Report for March 2017

In March 2017, DCHRS documented 807 casualties, including 98 children and 60 women. 85% of those killed were civilians. The remaining 15% were combatants, armed rebels, and soldiers from different fighting factions. Children and women respectively made up 12% and 7% of the total number of war casualties, while the remaining 66% were civilian men.

Out of the male casualties, 82% were unarmed men civilians and 18% were armed from various factions.

The highest number of casualties in March, 2017 was recorded in Al-Raqqa province (205 persons in total), followed by Damascus suburbs (137 persons in total), most of whom were killed by the indiscriminate shelling of the Syrian regime and Russian forces warplanes, and ISIS’s and the regime’s fire.

Additionally, Russian airstrikes resulted in the death of 186 victims accumulating to 23% of the entire casualties, most of them were killed mainly in the provinces of Al-Raqqa, Damascus and suburbs, and Aleppo regardless of the agreed “Ceasefire” that was implemented on Feb 27, 2016, and the related agreement that went into effect on Dec 29, 2016. The US led coalition strikes killed 181 victims, most of whom were civilians.