Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS)

17,627 Victims Killed in Syria During 2016

17,627 Victims Killed in Syria During 2016

Casualties Report for the Year 2016


General Distribution:

In The year 2016 DCHRS documented 17,627 casualties, including 2,365 children and 1,639 women. 79% of those killed were civilians. The remaining 22% were combatants, armed rebels, and soldiers from different fighting factions. Children and women respectively made up 13% and 9% of the total number of war casualties during the entire year.


Top Two Provinces with the Highest Number of Victims:

The highest number of casualties in the year 2016 was recorded in Aleppo province (7,651 persons in total at a ratio of 43% of entire war victims), followed by Idlib Province (2386 persons in total at a ratio of 14% of entire war victims), most of whom were killed via indiscriminate shelling and airstrikes.


Statistical Analysis of Main Cause of Death Among Casualties:

The outcome of last year’s statistical analysis concluded that 32% is ratio of the war victims were killed by shelling and airstrikes. Thus, (indiscriminate shelling and airstrikes) was the number one cause of death in Syria during the year 2016.


Distribution of Casualties Killed by Russian Strikes, Turkish Strikes, and US-led Coalition’s Airstrikes:

DCHRS documented 5071 persons in total, at a ratio of 29% of entire war victims, were killed by Russia’s airstrike assaults. Furthermore, DCHRS documented 414 victims who were killed by the US-led international coalition airstrikes, and 84 who were killed by Turkish airstrikes.