Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS)

Casualties Report for the Year 2015

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Executive Summary:

General Distribution:
In The year 2015 DCHRS documented 18,480 casualties, including 2,321 children and 1,647 women. 76% of those killed were civilians. The remaining 24% were combatants, armed rebels, and soldiers from different fighting factions. Women and children respectively made up 9% and 12% of the total number of war casualties during the entire year.

Distribution of All Men Casualties:
The total number of men (civilians + combatants) was 14,512 divided to 69% of unarmed men civilians and 31% armed from various factions.

Top Two Provinces with the Highest Number of Victims:
The highest number of casualties in the year 2015 was recorded in Aleppo province (4865 persons in total at a ratio of 26% of entire war victims), followed by Damascus and its Suburbs (4601 persons in total at a ratio of 25% of entire war victims), most of whom were killed via indiscriminate shelling and airstrikes.

Statistical Analysis of Main Cause of Death Among Casualties:
The outcome of last year’s statistical analysis concluded that almost half of the war victims (48%) were killed by shelling and airstrikes. As a result, (indiscriminate shelling and airstrikes) was the number one cause of death in Syria during the year 2015.

Distribution of Casualties Killed by Russia’s and US-led Coalition’s Airstrikes:
DCHRS documented 1188 persons in total, at a ratio of 26% of entire war victims, who were killed by Russia’s airstrike assaults. On the other hand, DCHRS documented 282 victims who were killed by the US-led international coalition airstrikes.


Read the full report here