Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS)

Lawyer Osama al-Madi

Lawyer Osama al-Madi is the Office Field Manager at the Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies and he is a researcher and a lawyer at the Syrian Commission for Transitional Justice. Mr. al-Madi was born in Daraa in 1985. In 2008, He graduated with a Law degree from the Damascus University and he received his Masters in Criminal law in 2011 from the same university. He worked as a lawyer in a private firm and he began studying for his PhD at the University of Damascus.

After the launch of the Syrian revolution in 2011, Mr. al-Madi became an activist coordinating peaceful protests. Later he worked documenting human rights violations and in the legal field to help spread the dire human rights violations committed in Syria. As a result he couldn’t finish his doctorate and had to flee Syria to Jordan.

Mr. al-Madi worked as a volunteer in Italian NGO “Une Ponte Per”. Also he worked with the UNISCO and the UNISIVE offices in Jordan. Additionally he coordinated with Independent commission of inquiry for the Syrian Arab Republic in the U.N. Finally he worked as a media activist with many independent media networks.