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Syrian physicist Faten Rajab Fawaz, a prisoner of conscience, is awaiting trial before a Military Field Court, whose proceedings are grossly unfair. She has been detained since 24 December 2011, seemingly as a result of her peaceful activism.


When pro-reform protests began in Syria in 2011, Faten Rajab Fawaz frequently joined peaceful demonstrations in and around the capital, Damascus, to demand changes to the political system. She is now a prisoner of conscience, detained solely for exercising her right to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly.


Her lawyer told Amnesty International that Faten Rajab Fawaz was arrested by Syrian Air Force Intelligence officers in Damascus and held in solitary confinement for about a month at their headquarters. Over the following two years, she was transferred to a number of different detention facilities and spent at least another three months in solitary confinement. She was held in conditions amounting to enforced disappearance as, according to her lawyer, the authorities provided no official information about what had happened to her. Her lawyer believes that she was tortured and otherwise ill-treated during this time and is now in poor health as a result. From August 2013, she was transferred repeatedly between ‘Adra Prison, where she sometimes had access to her lawyer, and a Military Intelligence branch. Her current whereabouts are unknown.


The charges against her are unclear, but her case was recently transferred to a Military Field Court. These courts are presided over by military judges and their proceedings are grossly unfair. Defendants have no right to legal representation and proceedings are conducted in secret. Verdicts handed down by the court are not subject to appeal and these courts can impose harsh sentences, including the death penalty.


Please write immediately in Arabic, English or your own language:
Urging the Syrian authorities to release Faten Rajab Fawaz immediately and unconditionally as she is a prisoner of conscience and ensure that she is provided with effective redress for the violations of her human rights;


Reminding them that civilians must not be tried by military courts;
Demanding that Faten Rajab Fawaz is protected from torture and other ill-treatment, is given immediate access to her family and provided with any medical attention she may require.


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For an insight into the widespread torture and other ill-treatment in Syria’s detention centres, see I wanted to die: Syria’s torture survivors speak out


 Thousands are reported to have died in the custody of the Syrian security forces since unrest began in 2011. Amnesty International documented this practice in the report Deadly detention: Deaths in custody amid popular protest in Syria


 For further information on detention conditions in some of the branches of Syria’s security forces, please also refer to Amnesty International’s current campaign against enforced disappearances: https://campaigns.amnesty.org/campaigns/conflict-in-syria.


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