Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS)

DCHRS observes the humanitarian disaster in Tal Shihab

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Damascus – 24/07/2013 – The Damascus Centre for Human Rights Studies monitored the humanitarian situation of- five thousands displaced Syrians from the city of Nawa. The city of Nawa was heavily bombarded by the regime forces killing and wounding many citizens, destroying a large number of buildings and infrastructure, and forcing the rest of the residents to flee and seek refuge at the city of Tal Shihab.

Most of the displaced citizens are living in a school at the city of Tal Shihab now, and the rest resided in the outdoors of the surrounding farm fields around the city, while others stayed at the outskirts of the valley of Yarmouk. The living and health conditions of those IDPs are extremely bad and deteriorating causing many infections and contagious diseases to spread such as scabies and lice. In addition, those IDPs are suffering from Malnutrition, lack of food, water, and sanitation especially in the absence of any health aid or relief support as well as due to their poor financial situation.

As DCHRS monitored the 5000 IDPs, DCHRS concluded other findings as follow: The city of Nawa’s approximate population is 100,000. 70,000 of them were displaced to different surrounding cities such Ibta, Jasim, and Hasm. These cities were also bombarded by the Syrian regime as the regime intentionally target civilians, fleeing refugees, and IDPs.  DCHRS documented yesterday indiscriminate shelling against two schools containing many IDPs in the cities of Ibta and Hasm. However the IDPs of the city of Tal Shihab have the worst humanitarian situation among all other cities.

DCHRS calls the Syrian Government and its forces to respect the laws of Human rights and the international humanitarian laws which prohibit targeting civilians in populated areas even in armed conflicts. Also DCHRS requests facilitating the arrival of relief and medical staff to the affected areas and to the IDPs everywhere, particularly the IDPs in the Tal Shihab city. Furthermore DCHRS calls all the Syrian and international medical and humanitarian organizations to go immediately to the city of Tal Shihab in order to provide assistance to displaced people there.