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Atrocities and genocide after the statements of the Russian Foreign Minister and the UN envoyþ

the Syrian regime has P re-empted the arrival of the UN envoy to Damascus via Lebanon Mr. El-Akhdar El-Ebrahimi with terrible massacres covered most of the nation and included more than / 310 / geographical points and locations with aerial bombardment using (Russian Mig fighters), since Mr. El-Ebrahimi could not be able to land in Damascus International Airport on Sunday 23/12/2012. These Russian Mig fighters did bombard these targets with explosive drums, cluster bombs, toxic chemicals, gases. And also firing all kinds of missiles.

The worst bombardment was the bombing of the public automated bakery of Halfaya town in the province of Hama with 4 air missiles, when these warplanes took advantage of a clear sky to drop their deadly bombs and missiles on the crowd of local citizens including women, kids, elderly people who gathered in front of the Halfaya automated public bakery to get some bread due to deprivation and hunger resulting from the long siege and collective punishment policies enforced on them by the Syrian regime by stopping and preventing them from getting flour as a punishment for the rebelled areas in order to starve its people.

The criminal and tragic results of this attack reached (as documented by eye-witnesses) 200 victims, 94 pronounced and registered as dead victims, many were still buried under ground and rubles, human parts and heads spread around the area of the public bakery mixing the odor of blood burned human flesh and bread, in addition to hundreds of injured women and children among expectations of increase in the number of victims due to the dangerous level of injuries and the shortage of medicine and medical support..   
Meanwhile, the military Syrian air force of the regime continued to bombard the civilian areas, especially in Damascus and its surrounding, such as, El-Hajar El-Asowad, El-Assali, Al-Kaddam, Zamalka, El-Kaboon, Harrasta, Sakba, Daria, Neshabia, Aqraba, Yabrood, and others, which led to the fall of a large number of victims (53 victims, were reported dead). Also another 32 victims were reported dead in Aleppo due to the artillery shelling and air bombardment which targeted especially on Safira in the country side of Aleppo City, also targeted the residential areas of Al-Mayssar using explosive deadly barrels dropped by the Russian warplanes, also using a car-bomb which targeted a Check-Point of the Syrian Free Army in Bestan El-Kassar as an act of the regime itself.

At the same time, the regime used bombardment, explosive barrels, poisoning chemicals which targeted areas, towns, and villages in Homs city, such as El-Kossair, Talbissa, El-Rastan, Biada, Deir- Balba and El-Khaldia, where 9 victims reported dead, 6 of them died because of inhaling poisoning chemical and nerve gases which cause blindness, also it was reported that 4 victims were paralyzed, and 4 victims were blinded, 63 victims were affected by inhaling poisoning gases showing symptoms of vomiting blood, blindness resulted in the death of some people besides a tremendous shortage and deficiency in getting cure and medicine, also there were no physicians or doctors available.  
Also it was reported the death of 6 victims in  the city of Darra, 2 in Lattakia, 2 in Deir El-Zoor, and 2 iN Raqqa. The total registered dead Syrian victims number, so far, has reached 50,846 person.

In the second day, which was Monday,12/24/2012, when the UN envoy was meeting with Assad, the son, the Russian warplanes MIG, were attacking the sole public bakery in Talbisa in Homs city which is under seige without water and electricity for the last 18 months, the crowed were merely women and children who were trying to get bread loaves from that public bakery, killing 17 of them. They were only women and children. The toll death of the victims in Syria that day has reached more than 163 persons; out of this number were 25 children.
Next day, on Tuesday, 12/25/2012, while the UN envoy was still negotiating with the Syrian Regime, its forces took the opportunity to commit a terrible massacre in El-Bassira in Dier El-Zoor City,(Northern-Eastern part of Syria), by also shelling and bombarding one of the public bakery in the city killing more than 30 victims, most of them were women and children, among them more than 18 children,
Meanwhile, more than 60 victims, 17 of them executed in cold blood on the spot, were reported dead in Damascus, among those who were executed a family consisting of a father and 8 children, the execution was committed at El-Moaa-damia intersection (not far from the 5 STAR luxury Hotel of the UN envoy). This massacre was committed by the 4th military Brigade, special forces, led by Maher El-Assad, who is the brother of president Bashar Assad.
The day after, on Wednesday, 12/26/2012, while the UN special envoy, was still busy negotiating the criminal regime, another village called El-Qahtania in Raqqa city was attacked by artillery heavy military tanks shelling resulted in the death of more than 41 victims, out of them were 14 children. In the same day, more than 167 victims were reported dead nationwide.  
By the end of the next day Thursday 12 / 27 /2012, it was reported and registered more than 197 victims, among them 9 children, 7 ladies…In Damascus itself, the number of victims reached 105 persons, 50 victims were found in truck refrigerator, 7 victims in Sydi Qadad area, most of them were executed on the spot “field execution” in a cold blood.26 victims in Edlab city, 23 victims in Aleppo city, 14 victims in Homs, 11 victims in Deir El-zoor, 12 victims in Hama, 4 victims in Darra, 2 victims in Raqqa, 1 victim in Lattakia.
On the next day, Friday, 12/28/2012 there were demonstrations in more than 300 locations nationwide in Syria chanting and demanding the departure of the Syrian regime and demanding the trial of its criminal figures…the answer came tragic, when the regime forces shelled the  main bakery in the town of Tabqqa near Raqqa City, using Russian warplanes “MIG Jets” bringing the number of the public bread bakeries targeted by the regime warplanes since the beginning of the Syrian revolution and uptill now to more than / 33 / bakeries, in which killed at least / 300 / victims, and in addition to more than a thousand wounded because the regime planed to tighten the policy of “collective punishment” by starving  the local population by denying them from their loaf of bread after they were already denied from the daily supply of water, electricity, telecommunications, internet service and of all aspects of daily living resources, in addition to deprive them from all basic rights as a punishment for their standing up with the revolution and as a punishment for declaring their demands for Democracy and freedom openly. On this day Friday, 12/28/2012 the tanks, warplanes and artillery of the regime forces could killed 139 Syrian victims, among them 17 women, and 9 children.
On this day, Saturday, 12/29/2012 while the Russian foreign Minister Mr. "Lavrov" was delivering his statement, in which he tried to create and pretend a lie about the possibility of finding a political solution for the Syrian crisis, including the continuation of the Assad regime in power, and leave the destiny of Assad “the son” in the hand of the Syrian, in the same time Assad never stop bombarding and shelling the Syrian people nationwide with deadly cluster, phosphorous, chemical and vacuum boms. Also dropping on them explosive barrels by Russian warplanes. These lies and misleading statement by "Lavrov" has planed to give Assad more chances to commit more crimes and killing against the Syrian people, and more time to quench the fire of  The Syrian uprising against his power. Also "Lavrov" statement came to cover the criminal regime acts of murders by giving Assad a legitimate right as a president.

The statements of the Russian Foreign Minister, "Lavrov"  indeed resulted in the killing of \ 398 \ victims, among them more than 20 children, and 20 women. and on this day Saturday, 12/29/2012 The Syrian regime militias committed a terrible massacre could be as a shameful remark in the history of humanity in the province of Homs city, in the town of Dier Balba , when they stormed and killed more than / 221 / victim, in addition to / 59 / victim in Damascus and its countryside, including / 10 / victims in Alnchabeah and / 9 / victims in Douma, Add / 41 / victim in Aleppo including /13 / victim in Tel raised alone, also / 23 / victim in Deir al-Zour, including / 15 / unidentified body remarked by signs of torture, and they killed / 16 / victim in Daraa, / 13 / victim in Hama, / 11 / in Idleb, and/ 3 / victims in Raqqa……
This is what we could intercept and document it so far, in the meanwhile, there are still ongoing search and rescue efforts to pull out the bodies of other victims out of the the rubble.
The Syrian Organization for Human Rights considers that the Russian foreign minister, "Lavrov" as a war criminal and hold him accountable, instigator and a partner in the crime against humanity because he conspired intentionally with the offender to commit his crimes and make it easy to be achieved by means of killings, destruction Also Minister Lavarove supplied the criminal regime with all the necessary crime weapons and means to help him committing his crimes.

We hold the Russian regime and the permanent Security Council members of the United Nations fully accountable, and we consider them responsible for this dirty and criminal game, and we suggest to change its name to be “The Murderers and Criminal Council of the UN” excluding the French Republic who support the human and the legitimate rights of our people.   We admire and bless the role played by France “ The capital of  civilization and enlightenment”for its historical position and support of the Syrian people.

Subject background Analysis:
– Mr. El-Akhdar El-Ebrahimi has already contributed, as a Special envoy to the Arab League, in mediating the efforts to end the Lebanese civil war, through taking a part in the negotiations with the Syrian government,which used to be in control of the Lebanese political file at that time. He was the one behind engineering and planning what was known at the time by “The Taif Agreement”, this agreement has devoted political sectarianism in Lebanon and rewarded warlords by converting them to political leaders.
– Mr. El-Akhdar El-Ebrahimi was the highest official of the United Nations in Afghanistan during the Taliban rule, where he played an important role after the ouster of the Taliban regime in 2001 and he has contributed to reach the first constitution in the post-Taliban rule.
He also played an important role in Iraq in the period after the overthrow of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, and he played a role in the formation of a transitional government which took over the reins of power in Iraq 2004.
Our Observations and remarks regarding Mr. El-Akhdar El-Ebrahimi :
– Has always been to build peace at the expense of justice.
– El-Ebrahimi, Never hold any criminal regime accountable for being the perpetrators of crimes against humanity.
– El-Ebrahimi, played a great role in converting a lot of warlords and criminals to political leaders in the context of political deals with them.
Most of the Peace-Concords held by El-Ebrahimi, during his political career were always fragile, because they were not based on justice, but on the basis of “deals” …. for example, today’s Iraq still unstable and still boiling, due to sectarian and ethnic discrimination obnoxious …. another example, Lebanon still on a “Hot Tin”, controlled by one political faction which allegedly pretend to be a revolutionary and resistant while it in fact gives Israel the justification to blackmail the world under the pretext of the existing threat by this false enemy, which mostly to be disguised as cloned Islamist specifications …..
– Also we notice the Taliban returns to the political life once more, and opens offices while the U.S. administration strives to negotiate with them.
In all cases, where Mr. El-Ebrahimi try to build a peace based on justice, the results were doomed sooner or later to fall and fail.
The UN Security Council did complicit with the Syrian regime, and the fact of the matter, the security council has chosen Mr. El-Ebrahimi in order to give priority to the fragile peace, which is based on the element of the “deal” , in return for the justice peace, which is based on accountability… therefore, the Security Council has chosen him to be a special envoy to Syria, because the Syrian and the Muslim blood has no value at all for them.
The results of Mr. El-Ebrahimi in Syria came out failed and without any positive results on the ground, and as they say: “The Mountain Gave Birth to a Mouse” , where Mr. El-Ebrahimi suggested to the Syrian people through the suggestion of the Syrian regime that Assad should remain until 2014 and he suggested to form a transitional government of ministers acceptable to the parties …. besides the suggestion that “Assad” entitled to to run for office again after 2014.

Ironically, a feed back information suggested that Assad Jr. will reject the idea not to run in the future because, according to the official Syrian allegations, that Assad still thinking to rule the Syrians after all these crimes committed by his regime …!!
The Syrian Organization for Human Rights has confirmed that the natural place for a president Assad and his regime should be in the International Criminal Court in The Hague , after all these crimes committed by them and not in Damascus.
We are facing now a real test of credibility for this international system (The UN) which means that the UN came aftermath of World War II with those who were considered victorious..and mastered the fate of the world on the basis of the right of power, and not the power of the right.
The UN has become subject of falling and collapsing, because it was based on unreal basis through real examples showed to us via its interference in Iraq or Lebanon or Afghanistan, and because it praised the peace on the basis of the “deal” and not on the basis of justice.
Video tapes showing Massacres committed in Halfaia, and Hama country side..” your discretion is advised”
Video tapes showing victims in Halfaia, ” your discretion is advised”


Video tapes showing injured victims in Halfaia, and Hama country side..” your discretion is advised”
Video tapes showing the burial of some victims of the public bakery under darkness and under shelling..” your discretion is advised”
Video tapes showing one of the Syrian Free Army fighter talking about the massacre and about the injured victims
” your discretion is advised”
Video tapes showing an attack by chemical gas.” your discretion is advised”

Video tapes showing the regime forces using gas bombs in their attack at El-Khaldia area, showing victims suffering from gas infection and inflammation in the eyes…..” your discretion is advised”

Homs: Regime forces threw bombs containing gases in Khalediya neighborhood, these gases lead to muscle relaxation,severe difficulty in breathing and myosis, the doctors couldn’t know its type

Massacre in Homs “ talbisa” 12/24/2012
 Massacre in Daer Alzor “ Albosaira”


Massacre in Alraka “ Alkahtania “  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=



Murder under torture http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vt8hJmsg_m8&utm_










Video tapes showing victims killed while they are tortured !!!
” your discretion is advised”




Damascus 12.29.2012

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