Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS)

Syria: Urgent call to protect civilians caught between fires in besieged Yarmouk Camp

9 April 2015. In view of the dramatic deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the Palestinian Yarmouk refugee camp (located South Damascus), the undersigned organizations urge all parties on the ground to abide by their obligations under international law and to ensure protection of the lives of civilians trapped in the fighting. The international community should take urgent measures to protect thousands of civilians at risk and alleviate the suffering of the most vulnerable.

Identifying Bodies Rises the Victims who were Tortured to Death to 601 Killed in Prisons

Indiscriminate Shelling and Torture to Death are the Main Cause of Death in Damascus, its Suburbs, and Daraa

Casualties Report for March 2015

In March 2015, the DCHRS documented a provisional total of 1,811 casualties. 83% of those killed were civilians. The remaining 17% belonged to one of the fighting factions. Women and children respectively made up 8% and 9% of the total number of war casualties.