Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS)

Besiege and Indiscriminate Shelling Are Still Killing the Syrian People – Casualty Report for March 2014

As violence and systematic human rights abuses continue by the Syrian government regime’s forces. DCHRS documented in the month of March, 2014 a total of 2300 victims who were killed by regime’s forces and their loyal militias in addition of the armed groups. 79% of them were civilians reaching a total of 1451 victims; however the other 849 remaining victims were armed opposition forces and rebels accumulating a rate of 21% approximately.

Briefing note on sieges across Syria

The armed conflict raging in Syria continues to have a catastrophic effect for millions of the country’s citizens. At least 2.6 million have fled the country as refugees, severely impacting Syria’s neighbouring states, and at least 6.5 million others are internally displaced inside Syria. Three and a half million people living in hard-to-reach areas are among 9.3 million in need of humanitarian assistance inside Syria. Hundreds of thousands of people are living in areas that have been under siege.