Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS)

DCHRS | Casualties Report | Total Deaths: 98 | Wednesday 18/12/2013

The Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies documented on Wednesday 18/12/2013 Ninety Eight (98) victims who were killed in different cities across Syria, most of them fell in Aleppo and Damascus and its suburb. Also the DCHRS documented One (1) victim who has fallen in a previous day, and verified One (1) injured victim that was mistakenly thought to be dead in the previous days

Starvation and Medication Shortages: Collective Punishment in the Besieged Cities of Syria

DCHRS documented 2362 victims including 253 children and 174 women during November, 2013

Casualties Report for November 2013

As violence and systematic human rights abuses continue by the Syrian government regime’s forces. DCHRS documented in the month of November, 2013 a total of 236 2 victims who were killed by regime’s forces and their loyal militias. 64% of them were civilians reaching a total of 1500 victims; however the other 862 remaining victims were armed opposition forces and rebels accumulating a rate of 36% approximately.