Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS)

Army Shoots Protesters Attempting to Reach Observers

Arab League Should Protect Civilians Or Reconsider Its Mission

(New York, January 12, 2012) – The Arab League should urgently condemn the Syrian security forces for shooting peaceful protesters who were attempting to reach its observers in the northern city of Jisr al-Shughur, Human Rights Watch said today. In light of these and other blatant violations of the agreement it brokered with the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad, the Arab League should report publicly on its findings and assess whether its mission should continue.

Middle East and North Africa: Protest and repression set to continue in 2012

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Year of Rebellion

The state of human rights in the Middleast and North Africa

Repression and state violence is likely to continue to plague the Middle East and North Africa in 2012 unless governments in the region and international powers wake up to the scale of the changes being demanded of them, Amnesty International warned today in a new report into the dramatic events of the last year.

Years of Fear

Dr. Radwan Ziadeh

The Enforced Disappeared in Syria

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The story of those missing in Syrian prisons is the story of a country that has devoured its own sons. The enforced disappearances of oppositionists and the impunity of the perpetrators is the price paid for the “Kingdom of Silence” established by the authoritarian and abusive Syrian regime. Among the portfolio of human rights violations in Syria, the issue of persons forcibly disappeared in particular has become a national disaster. While the missing number in the thousands, deleterious effects extend to hundreds of thousands of Syrian citizens who were stripped of their political and civil rights. The phenomenon has led to the psychological, social, and economic destruction of many Syrian communities for more than 30 years.

Syria: Comply With Agreement, Arab League Should Set Clear Conditions for a Credible Mission

Human Rights Watch

January 6, 2012 – (New York) – The Syrian government should comply with all the terms of its agreement with the Arab League, Human Rights Watch said today ahead of a January 8, 2012 meeting of the Arab League to discuss its monitoring mission in Syria.
The Arab League should declare that if Syria fails to take the repression-ending measures it agreed to and continues to impede the monitoring mission, the League will urge the United Nations Security Council to impose an arms embargo on Syria and sanctions against the individuals responsible for grave violations.

Brother of human rights activists released: Yassin Ziadeh


Amnesty International

Yassin Ziadeh, brother of exiled Syrian human rights activist Radwan Ziadeh, was released from detention on 5 November 2011.

37-year-old businessman Yassin Ziadeh was arrested by members of the Syrian Air Force Intelligence on 30 August 2011 in Daraya, near the Syrian capital of Damascus. His family told Amnesty International after his arrest that he had not taken part in the on-going pro-reform protests and his detention was believed to be connected to his family relationship with his exiled brother, Radwan Ziadeh, who is based in the USA and is the President of the Damascus Centre for Human Rights Studies.

UN voices grave concern after dozens die in bomb blast in Syrian capital

United Nation News Center

6 January 2012 –Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the Security Council today voiced grave concern at the deteriorating situation inside Syria after an apparent suicide bomb attack in the capital, Damascus, left many people dead or injured. Media reports indicate as many as 26 people were killed in the attack earlier today near a busy intersection in Damascus, with almost 50 others injured.