Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS)

Strong and Urgent Security Council Action on Syria

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September 29, 2011

Dear Ambassador,

We, the eight human rights and advocacy organizations below, write to urge you to support a strong resolution in the Security Council on the situation in Syria. After months of ongoing human rights violations that very likely amount to crimes against humanity, it is necessary for the Security Council urgently to take formal action.

Investigate Possible State Role in Decapitating Woman

Kidnappings, Deaths of Detainees, Including Woman’s Brother, Widespread in Homs

(New York, September 28, 2011) – The killing and mutilation of Zaynab al-Hosni, 18, by unknown persons highlights the urgent need for the UN Security Council to demand access to Syria for an international investigation into rampant killings and torture in Syria, Human Rights Watch said today. Zaynab, whose brothers are active in anti-government protests, had vanished in late July after going out to buy medication for her mother. Syrian authorities returned al-Hosni’s dismembered body to her family on September 17, 2011, without providing any information on the circumstances surrounding her killing, and forced her mother to sign a paper stating that “armed gangs” had killed her.

Arrest and enforced disappearance of a respected poet

Deyaa Al Abdullah, a known poet and writer, was disappeared by the Syrian Political Security forces on 29 June 2011. His family has no news from him since this day. Thirty eight years old, Al Abdullah usually lives with his family in a village named Al Tha’lah in the Al Swedah region. He is a known poet and the author of a number of publications. He was already detained due to his writings in 1999, only being released nearly a year later following a general amnesty, without any judicial procedures having been opened against him.

Syrian Men Detained Incommunicado


Haytham Al Hamwi, a Syrian pro-reform activist in exile, told Amnesty International that, according to information he had received, more than 20 members of the security forces believed to belong to Air Force Intelligence arrived at his family\’s home on 23 September looking for his 22-year-old younger brother, Muhammad Muhammad Al Hamwi. His brother was with neighbours at the time, but the security forces arrested his 65-year-old father, Muhammad Yassin Al Hamwi.

New evidence of Syria brutality emerges as woman’s mutilated body is found

September 2011

evidence of the extreme brutality being meted out to Syrian protesters and
their families has been revealed today by Amnesty International.The
mutilated body of 18-year-old Zainab al-Hosni of Homs,
the first woman known to have died in custody during Syria’s recent unrest, was
discovered by her family in horrific circumstances on 13 September.