Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS)

Deaths in custody amid popular protest in Syria

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Since the end of 2010, millions of people across the Middle
East and North Africa region have taken to the streets to call for greater
rights and freedom and the replacement of authoritarian regimes. In Syria,
ruled with an iron hand by Hafez al-Assad from 1971 to 2000 and since then by
his son Bashar al-Assad, small demonstrations were held in February but evolved
into mass protests only in mid-March. Since then, the protests have spread nationwide
on an unprecedented scale and with a momentum that shows no sign of abating despite
severe government repression which has seen many hundreds of people killed.

Syrian Refugees in Turkey Need International Protection

Copenhagen 29 August 2011, 
An EMHRN delegation conducted a mission August 22-28 to assess the
situation of Syrian refugees in camps in southern Turkey, and met with
refugees, Turkish NGOs and officials and other stake-holders. The mission has
concluded that while it is appreciative of Turkey’s efforts to shelter the
Syrians fleeing violence in their country, it urges the Turkish government to
grant UNHCR full access to the camps and to allow the Syrians to apply for
refugee status with full protection according to international conventions.

Escalation of acts of harassment and arbitrary arrests of lawyers

On August
22, a group of lawyers organised a gathering in front of the courthouse in the
Eastern city of Reqaa. Our organisations have been informed that at least 19
lawyers were arrested, namely Messrs. Abdallah Al Khalif, Abdul Razaq Al
Setm, Ashid Al Aly Almoussa, Ali Al Fares, Fahed Al Birm, Farhan Alnoani,
Ghaleb Amin, Mahmoud Aicha, Mahmoud Al Hadi, Mahmoud Al Isa, Mahmoud Al
Tiyaoui, Mahmud Wali, Mohammad Shalash, Oboud Nouheir Al Ourian, Omar Al Aly Al
Khalil, Yasser Ahmad Al Kerbou
, Ms. Rana Ibrahim and Ms. Rim
(who is pregnant)