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Syrians fleeing the town of Tell Kalakh tell of attacks

 Syrians fleeing the town of Tell Kalakh tell of attacks

By Amnesty
International researcher Cilina Nasser in Wadi Khaled, northern Lebanon.
Everyone who has fled the Syrian western town of Tell Kalakh and sought shelter
in villages on the Lebanese side of the border is scared. None of the people I
spoke to gave me their names and nor did I ask. At the end of every interview,
each would say: “Do not publish my name.”

Syria video points to ‘shoot to kill’ policy of security forces

Issued under strict embargo 18:00 BST 26 May 2011

Amnesty International has obtained video footage that points
to a ”shoot to kill” policy being used by the Syrian security forces to quell
reform protests.

The footage,
smuggled out of Syria
by contacts of Amnesty International, shows protesters shot and beaten by
security forces, soldiers conducting a night raid on the ‘Omari mosque in
Dera’a and a mass funeral in Izraa.


Syrian civil society activist Amjad Baiazy has been held incommunicado since
his arrest at Syria’s Damascus International Airport on 12 May. Amnesty
International believes that he may be a prisoner of conscience, detained solely
for the peaceful exercise of his right to freedom of expression. He is at
serious risk of torture and other ill-treatment.

Lebanon: Stop Detaining Syrian Refugees

Lebanon: Stop Detaining Syrian Refugees

At least Ten Fleeing Violence and Persecution detained
since Sunday, Fear of Refoulement

(Beirut, May 20, 2011) – Lebanon’s security forces should
stop detaining Syrian refugees who cross the border into Lebanon to escape
violence and persecution in their country, Human Rights Watch said today.