Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS)

Thematic Reports

The Story of Umar al-Ghabtawi, a videographer

To report situation on ground on Syrian lands, media activists are killed one after another, the story of Umar al-Ghabtawi, a videographer:

Umar al-Ghantawi is 18 years old young man from the city Homs. At the beginning of the revolution, he left his work as a mobile phone technician and started his activities as a media activist for the Syrian revolution. He filmed and shot hundreds of videos and pictures that document the crimes perpetrated by Assad’s regime on a daily basis hoping that they will appeal to world and humanity conscience.

The Story of the Activist, Alaa Umar Jumaa’s story

Assad’s regime kills media activists to conceal the truth; Latakia media activist, Alaa Umar Jumaa

They hate truth; therefore, they kill and shed the blood of the Syrian people.

Alaa Jumaa is 23 years old young man from the village of Istirba in which streets the most beautiful protests in the neighbourhood of Ar-Raml al-Janoubi marched. He sent documentations, videos, of these protests to media outlets spreading the name of his coastal city in the whole world that finally heard of this great city that has been obscured during the reign of Assad’s family.

When Assad’s regime army raided the area, Alaa videographed the most important scenes of gunfire, shelling, the wounded, tanks raids in Ar-Raml al-Janoubi neighbourhood.