Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS)

Thematic Reports

DCHRS documented 2369 victims in September 2013, among those 209 were children and 232 were women

Violence, War Crimes, and Crimes Against Humanity – the Daily Reality of Life for Syrians

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As the war endures, violence and systematic human rights abuses continue to be common tactics used by the Syrian government regime’s forces. DCHRS documented in the month of September 2013 a total of 2369 victims who were killed by regime forces and their loyal militias. 60% of those killed were civilians, totaling 1375 victims; the 994 remaining victims, which makes up approximately 40% of those killed, were armed opposition forces.

DCHRS observes the humanitarian disaster in Tal Shihab

Damascus – 24/07/2013 – The Damascus Centre for Human Rights Studies monitored the humanitarian situation of- five thousands displaced Syrians from the city of Nawa. The city of Nawa was heavily bombarded by the regime forces killing and wounding many citizens, destroying a large number of buildings and infrastructure, and forcing the rest of the residents to flee and seek refuge at the city of Tal Shihab.

Statement about Casualties and Violation among Christians in the Syrian Revolution

Statement about Casualties and Violation among Christians in the Syrian Revolution

The Syrian Network for Human Rights has documented the death of 69 Syrian Christians form the beginning of the Syrian Revolution until 24-12-2012 including 3 children and 7 women. All the victims were civilians and were killed at the hands of the Syrian army and security forces affiliated to the Syrian government.

SNHR Statement about Syrian IDPs and Refugees

The number of internally displaced persons has alarmingly spiked making it impossible for local organizations and committees to cover their needs. The number has risen from 3.5 million according to the latest statistic by the Syrian Network for Human Rights issued in early October 2012 to reach around 4.8 million by early December 2012. The bulk of IDPs in the past month came from Aleppo due to the increase in random bombardment by Meg warplanes using explosive barrels. According to SNHR member in Aleppo, the occupancy rate dropped to as low as 4% in some neighbourhoods as most of the residents fled their homes in fear for their lives and the lives of their families. In Homs, on the other hand, many neighbourhoods remain completely deserted such as al-Qusour neighbourhood which has been almost completely destroyed.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights Report on Arrests

The Syrian Network for Human Rights has been able to confirm and document that the Syrian regime has arrested no less than 194,000 Syrian citizens since March 2011. Those include around 9,000 people under 18 and 600 women.

The figure also includes no less than 60,000 cases of forced disappearance which refers to cases where persons are arrested, detained, or abducted by a state or political organization or by authorization, support or disregard of such action by such bodies who subsequently refuse to acknowledge such act or provide information about those persons’ status or location in order to deprive them from legal protection for an extended period of time.